T h e.. 1 0 ..Y e a r ..R e u n i o n !
happened on Saturday June 5, 2004

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Who Registered?

46 "adults"
and at least
20 Kids

These people have registered for the Class BBQ and/or Brunch on Sunday


  • Pam Pittens
  • Steve Richardson
  • Jenn Caron, Steve Allen & Wynne (8mos)
  • Kanchan Maharaj
  • Shari Imada
  • Derek and Tracy Tomlinson
  • Eric and Leeann Westerberg (with sons Mitchell and Spencer - 3yrs)
  • Paula, Aaron, PJ (10yrs) & Bailey (7yrs) Sawicki
  • Dilan Singaraja and Meghan McKellar
  • Katherine Klein, Mark Berkovitz & Laura (6mos)
  • Shawn, Sue, Curtis (2yrs) & Kaitlyn (3mos) Buckley
  • Danny Russo, Deena Duff, Connor (3) and Gabrielle(1)
  • Jim Gillies and Danielle Marchant
  • Jim & Natasha Tsetsekas
  • Tracy Holmes
  • Chris Falchuk
  • David Sullivan
  • Brian Verspagen
  • Kevin and Trish English
  • Dave Bourne +
  • Steve and Wendy Kemp
  • Mike and Bonnie Brophy
  • Georgia Lee Malcolm Catto and Zachary (10 weeks)
  • Jenny, Joe, Billy, Mary, Emily, & Thomas Miedema (aged 4-10)
  • Melanie Wallis (Karius) Elise (7), and Rachel (5)
  • Todd, Anna, Alexandra (age 3) Neff
  • Melinda, Louis, Melinda, Emily (3) and Tommy (2) Gorgenyi
  • Chantal McQueen (VanMierlo)

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These people have expressed interest but not registered yet:

Lisa Minotti and Ben (2yrs)
Gerry and Catherine Smallegange
Darren Soanes
Rick Goertz